High quality beef

World Steak Challenge winner 2018 - 2019
World Steak Challenge winner 2018 - 2019

We have selected high grade beef from farms that only have small herds of cattle.

Want a nice steak?

Steaks made without use of hormones or other growthpromoting. Grass-fed, well marbeled, tender full flavoured beef.

Satisfying in a way that only pleasures of the flesh can be…


We love steaks


Sashi beef

The cattlebreed Wagyu has gained great popularity – also in Europe. The meat is extremely marbled with fat that contributes not only to more succulent meat but also to increased tenderness, as the fat melts during the preparation.

Only a limited quantity of cattle has the genetic potential for a very high grade of marbeling. This, as well as our classification and selection, make SASHI rest a niche-product.

A product for meat-lovers, who demand more than just tenderness, and who values taste and succulence.

SASHI is a success because of the feeling of relish you get when you enjoy it. At the annual held competition World Steak Challenge beef from the SASHI series has been crowned being the best in the world in 2018 and in 2019.


Freygaard Choco

Meat from Heifers, born and slaughtered in Finland, and deboned in Denmark, and which have been raised in Finland with CHOCOLATE as part of their forage.

Yes, it’s not a typing error – CHOCOLATE

The reasons for using, amongst other things, chocolate are various, one of them being, that the meat becomes of an eating quality, which equal is not to be found,
in other words, something quite unique in a positive sense.

Apart from a very high degree of tenderness, the taste is quite fantastic and indeed difficult to describe.

At this moment of time there are only a very limited number of farms in Finland breeding “CHOCOLATEHEIFERS”.

we handle our meat with passion